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For 118 years, Matsusho Gakuen School has been a reliable local partner with successful education results and contributions to the local community.

Educational engagement with the local community

Matsusho Gakuen School has fostered trust in the community for over a century. The educational tradition emphasizing human relationships generated a new concept aiming for a university which develops human resources to invigorate the community, and we established Matsumoto University in April 2002. Matsusho Junior College has been established for nearly 70 years. They are in different academic fields, but are common in searching for true education closely engaged with our community, to foster human resources that will contribute to society. Further, we have developed a practical learning program where students go out into the community for off-campus study, while guest lecturers are invited in as teaching supporters. Through these educational programs, we are confident in our position as a front-line university for the new era.

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