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My wonderful days in Canada

poested on Oct 17, 2017
Ms. Narumi Ota who graduated from our university (Department of Health and Nutritional Science, Faculty oh human Health and Science) in 2015 has finished studying abroad in Canada for 1 year and 2 months.
She reported her days in Canada to all students of Matsumoto University.

I am interested in different country when I was a student. However I was not good at studying English, so I felt like I had given it up. But I still thought if I could speak in English with people, it's must be very grateful in my life and they would give some new stuff what I didn't know before. So I tried to study English then I thought I should go out in Japan to study English and meet new people. I finally decided to study aboard in Canada. When I went there, I stayed in Canadian host family house for 3 months. There is one room mate who is from Korea. There are such a nice people and very kind to me. I didn't know everything when I got there. But they helped me a lot. I appreciated all of spending time with them. I also went to school of language for 3 months. I met and made many friends who are from different countries. It was very interesting that I knew people's culture. After I graduated from my school, I moved to new house which is share house and looked for a job then I got two jobs there as a kitchen helper at the restaurants. I learned lots of things from there and met exciting coworkers. I love them so much.
I can't explain all of feeling in my Canada life! But it is important to me that respect for each other countries and cultures. I also learned that I have to do something by myself to anybody that means I shouldn't wait to come happens. I should try and just do it. (Don't waste of time!)
I had a wonderful time there and met greatest people. I am keeping to study English and culture. I am really grateful for everything, everyone. Definitely go to Canada again to meet them! Thank you for reading.

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